Since our predecessor built this company in the aftermath of World War ll, we have devoted ourselves to making products which contribute to a clean environment and a healthy lifestyle for everyone. This has consistently been our mission.

At Mimasu Cleancare we stand for the future, sincerity,and satisfaction; and we have worked to create a line of products which reflect those beliefs. In order to do this, we often gather information from outside the company which helps us create consistently superior products. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Company Profile

FoundedFebruary 8,1957
Capitalyen 12,000,000.-
PresidentMitsuhiro Abe
BusinessSummary Production and sale of various detergents and cosmetics
Annual Turnoveryen 2,500,000,000.-

Company History

Mukichi Abe founds Abe Fats and Oils Manufacturing Plant in Hirai, Tokyo and begins production of Solid Soaps.
[Apr. 1955]
Ground breaking on present factory starts.
solid laundry detargent maunfacturing begins.
Capital exceeds 6million yen,company renamed a corporation-Mimasu Fats and Oils Chemical Corporation is established.
The Spray Dryer is developed, powder detergent production begins.
[Mar. 1963]
Production equipment for liquid detergent for kitchen use is established.
Mimasu's foothold in detergent menufacturing is strengthened.
[Dec. 1978]
Mimasu pioneered and started successful producution of non-phosphorus detergent.
[Aug. 1981]
President Mukichi Abe is appointed director of the Japan Soap and Detergent Union.
[Oct. 1987]
President Mukichi Abe retires and takes on role of chairman.Former managing director Mitsuhiro Abe is named President.
[Dec .1987]
The company is renamed Mimasu Cleancare Corp.
Chairman Mukichi Abe is awarded a prize by the Japanese Government.
Head Office Factory receives permission from the government to manufacture cosmetics.
[Apr. 1989]
First phase of construction on Tsukuba Factory completed, operations begin.
[Mar. 1993]
Second phase of construction on Tsukuba Factory completed, compact detergent manufacturing begins.
[Feb. 1995]
Tsukuba Factory receives permission from the government to manufacture cosmetics.
[Mar. 1999]
Tsukuba Factory receives permission from the government to manufacture quasi drug.
[Jul. 2001]
Tsukuba Factory receives the ISO9001 certificate.
[Jun. 2002]
Powder filling machine imported from Italy is equipped at Tsukuba Factory.
[Feb. 2008]
Due to production increase, Tsukuba Factory expand site area 2042sq.meters.
[Apr. 2011]
EC site [TsukatteMimaShop] begins.

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